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Stop wasting your time on shady, ad filled websites to get your exam papers. Switch to snapApaper.


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snapApaper is the most unique past paper app created for students and teachers. Combining the power of AI and your camera, we created an app that let's you scan your past paper code and search for it with a single snap.

How Students Can Use snapApaper


With snapApaper, we gave students the ability to search for a paper without going through shady websites, click past annoying ads or even pay to just download a paper!

snapApaper organizes all your downloaded past papers into one list that allows you to easily interact with all of your past papers without any trouble!

Moreover for each paper downloaded through snapApaper, users can access a dashboard for every past paper on your list. On the dashboard you have the ability to share, manipulate and even time yourself doing a past paper!

How Teachers Can Use snapApaper

snapApaper was created with helping teachers in mind. We made it easy for teachers to download both question papers and mark scheme's in one click.


As well as by storing all the papers downloaded to quickly retrieve it. With all these features considered, it makes finding the correct marking script for a certain paper very easy to find and can be done within a matter of seconds.


No need to struggle with finding a paper from random websites, just use snapApaper!

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How It Works

Using Artificial Intelligence we paired this with real-time image recognition to detect text and match it with an exam code. To find a paper, simply point your camera towards the exam code on your paper and capture. Make sure the camera is focused and steady (you can use the flash to make it clearer).


Wait a couple of seconds while we search the internet for the paper. Once we find it we give you the option to choose to download either, a single paper or multiple papers. Once your papers are downloaded they will be opened for you. If you would like to open a previously downloaded paper, go to my list and locate your paper. 

If you do not have the paper and want to find one, use the type feature, where you can type a code to find your paper without using your camera.

snapApaper is completely free! We know the frustration of dealing with pop-ups and ads and therefore we are strongly against them. Our goal isn't to profit off students, we do not plan on making our core features paid. 

How It Woks

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